Sometimes I get discouraged
I look around and, things are so weak
People are so weak
Sometimes I feel like crying
Sometimes my heart gets heavy
Sometimes I just want to leave and fly away [fly fly fly, like a dove]
Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself [ow!]
Passion takes over me
I feel like a man
Going insane
Losing my brain
Trying to maintain
Doing my thang
Hey hey hey hey hey
Put my heart and soul into this y’all
I hope you feel me
Where I am, to wherever you are [ha ha ha ha]
Sometimes I don’t want to be bothered
Sometimes I just want a quiet life, with
Me and my babies, me and my lady
Sometimes I don’t want to get into no war
[black people to be free, to be free…]
Sometimes I don’t wanna be a soldier
Sometimes I just wanna be a man, but

Mos Def - Uni says